Expanded Priorities USA Board Has Strong Ties to Labor, Corporate Interests

Priorities USA plans to back Hillary Clinton if she runs in 2016

• January 23, 2014 4:10 pm


The new, expanded Priorities USA board has strong ties to both labor and corporate interests, which could prove helpful in raising money from new sources, the Washington Post reports.

Priorities USA plans to back Hillary Clinton if she runs in 2016.

Obama’s former campaign manager Jim Messina and former Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm will serve as co-chairs of the Super PAC.

Priorities will be led by an expanded 14-member board that represents many of the biggest interest groups in the Democratic Party, including labor unions, women’s groups and gay rights activists. The new members include Stephanie Schriock of EMILY’s List, former Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solomonese, Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers and William P. Hite of the labor group United Association.

Several of the new members also have close ties to major corporations, such as lawyer and longtime Democratic adviser Charles A. Baker III, a founding partner of the public affairs firm Dewey Square Group; former Clinton White House official Maria Echeveste, who co-founded Nueva Vista Group, a public policy and lobbying shop; and Viacom executive Marva Smalls. In addition, Jonathan Mantz, a principal at the lobbying firm BGR Group, is serving as a senior finance adviser to Priorities. And Solomonese now runs a corporate restructuring and public affairs firm.

Additionally, the Post reports that a member of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC will be on the board, an indication that many groups are collaborating for a Clinton run.