Epic TV Judge 'Extreme Akim' is Hosting a Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Tonight

VIDEO: Watch Extreme Akim punish people with ‘raw justice in its most biblical form’

Akim Anastopoulo as Extreme Akim on UPN's Eye for an Eye
June 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton will spend Wednesday evening at a South Carolina fundraiser hosted by Akim Anastopoulo, a trial lawyer better known to fans of reality court show Eye for an Eye as Judge Extreme Akim.

The show was billed as "a courtroom like no other with plaintiffs seeking all-out revenge and a judge happy to deliver," where the "victorious litigants" would get "revenge instead of cash."

Clinton’s host Extreme Akim wielded a bat, known as the Bat of Justice, rather than a gavel and would sentence individuals to "raw justice in its most biblical form."

The show was hosted by famed O.J. Simpson house guest Kato Kaelin

Here is an extended trailer for the show, which features two young women who were ordered by Extreme Akim to "mud-wrestle until one of you destroys the other."

The Clinton campaign did not respond to an inquiry into whether Clinton, who plans to make criminal justice reform a major part of her campaign, ever saw Extreme Akim in action on Eye for an Eye.

If she did, she would not have been able to forget some of the show's best moments. Extreme Akim's court was brought to order with a raucous crowd chanting his name after his bailiff, professional boxer Sugar Ray Phillips, brought the crowd to their feet.

Among some of Extreme Akim’s most notorious punishments are making a man wear a fat suit as punishment for impregnating a woman and having Sugar Ray tar and feather a man.

Sometimes, Extreme Akim wouldn't listen to the case in his court. After two men began fighting in his court, Extreme Akim called the whole thing off and issued the following verdict: "Litigants will fight in the ring, winner will get $300."

Extreme Akim once laced a Chinese restaurant owner's court-provided meal with laxatives and handcuffed him so he was unable to go to the bathroom.

In another instance, Extreme Akim ruled that a man botched a Brazilian wax on an elderly woman who was getting the service as a 50th anniversary present for her husband.

As punishment for burning the lady, Extreme Akim ruled that the man would be waxed.

Here is the man getting waxed, after being insulted by Extreme Akim for his lack of chest hair:

Extreme Akim was having none of a man’s story that a woman assaulted him. Extreme Akim ruled that the man was actually a stalker, and forced him to fight the woman, who was a professional submission wrestler.

He tapped out in about 7 seconds:

Not everybody takes their punishment lightly. One man charged the bench after being sentenced to jail by Extreme Akim.

Luckily for Extreme Akim, his bailiff Sugar Ray handled the man with ease.

In another instance, Extreme Akim found that a man stole a pair of shoes from somebody else at the gym and ruled that the plaintiff could lather his own shoes in tuna fish and garlic oil and make the other man lick it.

Its not always as disgusting, but it is always absurd. One time, an Elvis impersonator plaintiff turned the courtroom into his stage, and proceeded to kiss members of the gallery.

Thomas Novelly and Stephen Gutowski contributed to this report.