Ellison Barber Talks Financial Impacts Of Elections

September 30, 2014

The Washington Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber discussed contentious midterm races for the U.S. House and Senate Tuesday on Fox News’ Happening Now.

Barber underscored the importance funding plays in any election, but pointed out that in Alaska, the Democratic incumbent has spent 10 times the amount of his Republican challenger, Dan Sullivan--and yet the race is tied.

"Democrats are bit of a disadvantage in turnout in midterms--makes sense they're putting a lot of money into it to switch that," Barber said. "When it comes down to a close race, [money] is something that could be effective."

Host Shannon Bream questioned the impact of voter turnout in November, saying that older, white, right-leaning voters are more likely to turn out for midterm elections than their Democratic counterparts.

"I’m getting a lot from groups on left-supporting Democrats, not only to vote, but promise you find 10 friends to get them to vote," Bream said.

There are 36 senate seats up for grabs, and Democrats are defending 21 of them. "[They] already know they're at a disadvantage, they're defending more seats and defending a lost seats they didn't win [in 2012]" Barber said.

Barber added that Democrats are more emphasizing voter turnout this November, so that they don’t lose the swing-state seats, including those in Alaska, North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa. Furthermore, with many voters angry with the Obama administration, Republican candidates are faring better in the polls.

"Republicans absolutely have the advantage toward that, even if Democrats are out-raising them a bit here or there, on the whole they are in a much better position for November," Barber said.