Elizabeth Warren Clams Up on Press When Asked About Foreign Travel

Elizabeth Warren / AP

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s staff is reluctant to speak with the press about the Massachusetts Democrat’s travel abroad, the Boston Globe reported on Wednesday.

"Warren declined several requests for an interview," the Globe wrote. "Her office also would not discuss her lack of foreign travel, disclose whom she consults for foreign-policy advice, or say whether Warren has ever traveled abroad in a private, unofficial capacity."

Warren’s quiet is leading to speculation and confusion about where she stands on the major foreign policy issues of the day. "It’s a big question mark," according to the Globe.

More than a year and a half into her Senate term, the Massachusetts senator is one of just three current U.S. senators who has not taken an official overseas trip. The other two are appointees filling vacancies.

Warren almost never talks about foreign policy and has built her political resume almost exclusively on domestic issues, specifically concerns for the financial well-being of the American middle class.

A Warren aide said the freshman senator is planning to join a congressional trip to Israel, but given her aggressive schedule campaigning on behalf of Senate Democrats it likely will come after the midterm elections in November.