Democracy Alliance Loves Pro-Obama Super PAC

PAC behind infamous cancer ad draws support from secretive, Soros-backed group, records show

September 21, 2012

President Barack Obama’s Super PAC had its biggest cash haul yet thanks in part to members of the secretive Democracy Alliance.

Two members and affiliated donors from the elite group of liberal billionaires and multi-millionaires pumped $600,000 into Priorities USA in August—6 percent of the $10 million raised that month.

Jon Stryker, brother of Alliance bigwig and scandal-ridden solar benefactor, Pat Stryker, has donated $2 million to Priorities, including a $500,000 donation in August. Alliance board member Ellen Susman donated $100,000 to the Super PAC responsible for a controversial ad linking Mitt Romney to the death of a woman by cancer.

Alliance members pledge to give $200,000 per year to a select group of liberal organizations. Although it was established to finance liberal grassroots organizations, it has since shifted its efforts in a more partisan and pro-Obama direction.

Following the 2010 Republican midterm sweep, the White House sent Vice President Joe Biden to an Alliance gathering to beseech the elite group for aid in the president’s reelection fight. Just two months later, the ban on campaign contributions was lifted and Democratic Super PACs, including Priorities, joined organizations like the Center for American Progress and Media Matters as endorsed groups.

Alliance members have taken the appeal to heart. Wayne Jordan and his wife Quinn Delaney have contributed $400,000 to Priorities and other Democratic Super PACS, such as American Bridge 21st Century and House Majority PAC.

The Alliance does not have to disclose its members, allowing the wealthy cadre of moneymen to operate in the shadows. Many of the leading voices in the group, however, are already very public supporters of the president.

Kelly Craighead, president of the Alliance, is one of Obama’s most prolific bundlers. She has pledged to raise at least $500,000 for the campaign.