DCCC Targets House Republicans on Tax Reform With Ad Using Debunked Claims


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has teamed up with Save My Care to target 14 House Republicans on tax reform in a national ad using debunked claims.

On top of a national ad buy and a digital video ad push on social media, the DCCC also bought a slew of URLs to obstruct Republicans from using them to relay a message on tax reform, according to Politics PA.

One of those URLs being used to obstruct is TaxCutsAndJobsAct.com. The website goes right into accusing House Republican of passing a "tax scam" and claiming the bill is "raising taxes on millions of middle-class families."

Senate Democrats were given "Four Pinocchios" by the Washington Post in early November for pushing a similar talking point from the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee that "the average tax increase on families nationwide earning up to $86,100 would be $794, a significant burden for middle-class families."

The ad blames congressmen for voting for a tax that "takes money out of the pocket of middle-class families," but the ad doesn’t stop there. It also accuses them of wanting "to sneak health care reform in too" and take health care away from 13 million people, another claim debunked by the Washington Post.

"Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats are dusting off the old playbook by repeating debunked lies and hoping someone believes them," NRCC spokesman Chris Martin said.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) has called for a repeal of the individual Obamacare mandate as part of tax reform.

"It doesn't cut a single dime out of Medicaid, it doesn't cut a single dime out of insurance substitutes for people on the exchanges, and it doesn't change a single regulation of Obamacare," Cotton said on Sunday. "All it says is the IRS cannot fine you for being unable to afford the insurance that Obamacare made unaffordable in the first place."

But despite the Washington Post giving Senate Democrats "Four Pinocchios" and Cotton's reminder, the DCCC used the rhetoric to attack House Republicans.

"The Republican Tax Scam," DCCC spokesman Evan Lukaske said in a statement to Politics PA, "is nothing more than huge tax cuts for the rich and big corporations, paid for by tax increases on millions of middle-class families."

A spokeswoman for Rep. Ryan Costello (R., Pa.) was not surprised by "Nancy Pelosi’s special-interest friends defending her support for tax increase."

"It’s not surprising that Greedy Chrissy Houlahan has Nancy Pelosi’s special interest friends defending her support for tax increases," Andrea Bozek said. "No one takes Chrissy Houlahan seriously on tax reform, after all, she has a history of feeding workers pig slop and paying workers just 35 cents an hour.  Ryan is working to bring tax relief to hardworking families in Southeastern Pennsylvania."

Watch the DCCC Ad here:

Charles Russell

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Charles Russell is a Media Analyst for the Washington Free Beacon. Before joining the Beacon he worked at America Rising and has spent several years on multiple campaigns. Charles can be reached at russell@freebeacon.com, his twitter handle is @charleswrussell.

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