Cory Booker Thinks Margaritas Are Made With Vodka, Long Island Iced Tea Has Actual Iced Tea

February 28, 2019

Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) may have shattered his nascent presidential campaign Thursday when he revealed he had no idea what is in a margarita.

Booker is a teetotaler and a vegan. During a Thursday morning interview with Buzzfeed's "AM To DM," the hosts finished with a lighthearted segment where they tested his knowledge of various alcoholic drinks.

"Oh no, this is painful," he laughed. "Go ahead."

Booker whiffed right away on a Manhattan. "I mean, it's from New York?" he said. "I have no idea ... maybe rum, vodka?"

Manhattans are made with whiskey. Booker laughed and tried to defend himself by saying he knows about Long Island iced tea because that's what his dad used to drink.

"My dad used to drink Long Island iced teas ... it's like one of his favorite drinks," Booker continued. "I have no idea what's in a Long Island iced tea but iced tea!"

"There's no iced tea in a Long Island iced tea," Buzzfeed reporter Hayes Brown cut in, shaking his head. "There is zero iced tea."

Brown then gave Booker what he called "an easy one."

"What is in a margarita?" Brown asked. "You can do this!"

Booker could not answer correctly.

"So, a margarita. There's fruit, and there is ice, and there is vodka?" he said with hesitation.

"Tequila!" he then said, correcting himself after someone shouted the right answer off-camera. "I'm sorry, I had help from a friend."

To Booker's credit, he correctly identified the ingredients in a vodka soda.