Continetti: Impeachment Like a Sporting Event Where You Know the Final Score

Washington Free Beacon founding editor Matthew Continetti on Wednesday said the impeachment process is predictable because House Democrats have agreed to impeach President Donald Trump while the Republican-controlled Senate will likely acquit.

"Watching this impeachment unfold is like watching a sporting event where you already know the final score," Continetti said. "And that is it's very likely the House will impeach President Trump and very likely the Senate will acquit him."

Continetti explained that the predictability stems from the unity within each party, and noted that the Republicans have decided to stand with the president. 

"What matters here is the two parties have consolidated their support," Continetti said. "The Republicans are firmly behind Trump."

Continetti's analysis was in response to U.S. diplomat William Taylor’s testimony. Continetti said Taylor—who served as a chargé d'affaires to Ukraine in 2019—was the most "damaging witness" to come forward, but argued that there were other testimonies that in some ways weaken Taylor’s. 

"I think Taylor has proven to be the most damaging witness against the president as this process has unfolded," Continetti said. "But he's just one witness, and there are others, like the testimony of Ambassador Volker, that kind of contradict some of the claims he's saying, or at least make what the Trump Administration was up to less menacing with regard to Ukraine."