Continetti: If Dems Take Back Congress, It’ll Be Because of Moderate Candidates in Suburban Districts

Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti said on Thursday that if Democrats have a good night on election night it will be because of support for moderate candidates in suburban districts and not because of far-left candidates.

"[Millennials] are embracing the more what's called the Democratic socialist left and they're going to play a role in those victories for the Democratic socialist left on election day," Continetti told EWTN host Lauren Ashburn. "I would just caution however that part of the left is not the entirety of the Democratic party and if the Democrats do have a good night on Tuesday, it will be probably because of some more establishment minded more moderate Democrats winning those key suburban House districts that will decide the election."

Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) is confident in her party's chances of retaking the House of Representatives. She told late night host Stephen Colbert that "we will win." Democrats lost control of the chamber back in 2010 when Democrats lost 63 seats. Democrats need to win 25 seats to take back the majority.

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In order to make sure they do well on election day, Democrats have targeted young voters. A recent Harvard poll found nearly 40 percent of millennials plan on voting.

Asburn noted that the only time young voter turnout has been over 20 percent was in 1986 and 1994.

"I think what we have is a poll that shows enthusiasm among young voters who are energized about the midterm elections and probably enthusiastic about dealing a blow to President Trump. Whether they actually show up at the polls on election day is something of a different question," Continetti said.