Conservative Action Fund Launches Initiative Against Romney

• January 14, 2015 4:41 pm


The Conservative Action Fund launched a petition against potential presidential candidate Mitt Romney in an email Wednesday.

The online petition, which was sent to all CAF supporters, asked fellow conservatives to consider whether Romney would make a good candidate for the Republican party–and according to CAF, he is not. A similar effort by the Hybrid PAC was launched in December 2014, but to discourage Jeb Bush from running.

"The policies of Barack Obama have failed America. While I supported Mitt Romney in ’12, it’s time for a new conservative voice to contrast the failed policies of the Obama administration," said Conservative Action Fund founder Shaun McCutcheon.

"Conservatives across the country are hungry for a candidate with new, bold ideas to lead our country forward. We need a leader who galvanizes our base, while inspiring a new generation of conservative voters."

Romney has been rallying support over the last few weeks, calling friends on Capitol Hill and making further moves to suggest that he will run. But despite polling data, how he would fare as one of several candidacy contenders or even as a the Republican nominee is questioned by McCutcheon and dozens more in his own party.

"Mitt Romney may be ahead in the polls as of right now," McCutcheon said. However, it’s credited to the name recognition he enjoys from his 2012 defeat.

"History indicates that the frontrunner this early in the race isn’t often nominee. If that were the case, 2008 would have showcased a matchup between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani," he added.

Matt Moore, the South Carolina Republican Party chairman, told the New York Times that Romney should not take for granted that Republican votes he once attracted would be there for him again.

"South Carolina Republicans want Governor Romney to make his case compared to our other talented candidates," Moore said. "No one is going to hand the nomination to Governor Romney on a silver platter."

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