After Jobs Report, CNN Reporter 'Cautions All Politicians' Against Upending Health Care System

'This is a fifth of the American economy'

January 10, 2020

CNN correspondent Christine Romans on Friday delivered a warning to politicians who are trying to remake health care, noting the system makes up one-fifth of the U.S economy.

"Where is the hiring? Retail, health care. Almost 400,000 health care jobs," Romans said. "I would caution all politicians who are talking about remaking, fixing, or meddling in the health care system to note this is a fifth of the American economy and a steady job creator every month."

Romans did not single out any politicians by name, but she appears to be referencing Democratic presidential candidates like Sens. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), who have been on the campaign trail advocating for Medicare for All, which would eliminate private insurance and cost approximately two million jobs.

Warren was pressed in October about her health care plan potentially leading to American workers losing jobs, prompting her to say, "So, I agree. I think this is part of the cost issue and should be part of a cost plan." Her Medicare for All plan is estimated to cost $20.5 trillion.

Sanders's Medicare for All plan is estimated to cost up to $40 trillion over 10 years and Sanders has admitted his plan would raise taxes on the middle class.

A 2018 analysis conducted by University of Massachusetts Amherst economist Robert Pollin found that more than one million jobs would be eliminated under Medicare for All, including medical assistants, billing clerks, and other administrative roles.

"The median wage for these workers is around $34,500. Nearly 92 percent of these jobs are held by women, and over a third are held by people of color. And over 80 percent of these workers have less than a four year degree," The Week reported.