CNBC: Obama's Perpetual Golfing 'Dragging Dems Down'

'Will hurt Democrats in the Senate'

Politico’s Ben White appeared on CNBC’s "Squawk Box" Friday morning and slammed President Obama for repeatedly golfing while crises break on the home-front and abroad. White also noted that the President’s many rounds of golf will diminish Democrats’ chances of keeping the Senate majority.

"I think it took a turn for the serious this past week…One minute he’s (President Obama) on TV talking about the beheading of an American journalist- people are scared, people are freaked out about ISIL- and then he’s smiling…on the golf course, about ten minutes later," White told the panel.

He continued, "The juxtaposition of those images is troubling to people. It reinforces this narrative and this notion that people have that he’s somewhat checked out from the job right now, that there’s a lot of stuff that he doesn’t really like to deal with. He looks pained and tired when he’s talking to the American people and then a few minutes later, he looks happy-go-lucky, on top of the world playing golf- and that’s not what you want from your President, particularly at a time of crisis like this."

"[President Obama] is dragging Democrats down right now and stuff like this- stuff like the golfing after the Foley announcement- are not going to help, it’s going to hurt Democrats in the Senate," White added.