Clinton Says She Upped Her Antihistamines After Coughing Fits

Hillary Clinton told her campaign’s press corps on Tuesday that she upped her antihistamines after her coughing fits from a Labor Day rally in Cleveland, Ohio.

"Yesterday you weren’t so bad, right?" one of the reporters asked Clinton.

"It was great. I love having the plane. The plane makes everything so much easier, and that’s what we used to do in the State Department all the time. It was just so simple and everybody in one place," Clinton said.

Another reporter asked Clinton how her allergies were doing.

"Better," Clinton responded.

The Democratic nominee then told the reporter the advice she received was to refrain from talking for a day or two.

"That’s not going to happen. I’m just going to keep talking and hopefully power through and tomorrow it will be fine," Clinton said.

Clinton was then asked if she was taking any medication for her allergies.

"I just upped my antihistamines and tried to break through. As I said, it happens like twice a year. It happens in the spring when the pollen comes. It happens in the fall when the pollen comes," Clinton said.

Clinton then joked that someone has probably been creating a video record of her coughing going back decades.

Another reporter asked Clinton about Trump’s campaign saying that she must have been allergic to the media.

"Yeah, I am allergic to him. That’s what I said" Clinton said.

Labor Day marked the first day of the presidential campaign in which Clinton allowed the press to fly on her campaign plane.