Chuck Todd: 'It Galls Me' That Bill Clinton Hasn't Apologized to Monica Lewinsky for 'Ruining Her Life'

May 26, 2018

CNN anchor Jake Tapper appeared on NBC host Chuck Todd's "1947: The Meet the Press Podcast" on Thursday, and both men harshly criticized former President Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton's sexual relationship in the 1990s with Lewinsky, who was a young White House intern at the time, led to impeachment proceedings against the 42nd president.

Todd started the conversation by mentioning a time he spoke to his temple's youth group about 10 years ago. The NBC host recounted how a young teen asked him why Bill Clinton got impeached, and Todd said he would have to ask his parents, telling Tapper he is thankful he did not have kids during Clinton's presidency.

Tapper said that, while he never made light of Clinton's conduct at the time, having kids now makes him view the sex scandal as even more terrible, because Clinton set a "horrible example" of someone who "uses women for his own personal pleasure."

"From Monica Lewinsky's public statements, you sense that she's just now coming to grips with the relevance of her story to the #MeToo movement," Tapper added.

"It galls me that the former president hasn't even simply apologized to her for ruining her life," Todd responded.

"It's crazy, it's crazy," Tapper agreed.

"Her life is never the same," Todd continued. "He ruined it. He got to move on. I've never understood why he couldn't simply apologize to her."

"Oh, yeah," Tapper added in response to Todd's assertion that Clinton got to move on. "He's a multimillionaire."

"He owes her the apology," Tapper said, adding that the former president should also apologize to his wife, Hillary Clinton.

"She cannot live a normal life because of his—" Todd said, referring to Lewinsky.

"His crude needs!" Tapper interjected.

"His carnal needs, and he ruined a woman's life," Todd said.