Christian Pro-Life Group Kicked Out of Seattle Coffee Shop by Gay Owner

Pamphlets Christian Pro-Life Activists Handed Out and Posted in Seattle, Wa. (Abolish Human Abortion Facebook Page)
Pamphlets Christian Pro-Life Activists Handed Out and Posted in Seattle, Wa. (Abolish Human Abortion Facebook Page)
October 9, 2017

A Christian pro-life group was kicked out of a Seattle coffee shop by the owner, Ben Borgman, who told the group, "I'm gay, you have to leave."

The interaction between the owner of Bedlam Coffee and the pro-life group was captured on video by one of the Christian group's members, was posted to Facebook, and has since gone viral.

The abolitionist group stopped in at Borgman's shop after posting and handing out pro-life pamphlets in Seattle, the Washington Times reported.

Jonathan Sutherland, who appears to be behind the camera videotaping the interaction, asked if the group was being denied service. Borgman confirmed he was denying them service.

"I have a right to be offended, so I have a right to say get out," Borgman said to the group.

The interaction escalated when Sutherland asked if Borgman was willing to tolerate their presence in his coffee shop.

"Can you tolerate my presence?" Borgman shot back. "If I go get my boyfriend right now and f**k him in the a*s right here, you're going to tolerate that?"

"That would be your choice," another activist said off camera.

"Are you willing to tolerate it?" Borgman asked again. "Leave, all of you. Tell all of your f**king friends not to f**king come here."

As the group got up to leave, activist Caytie Davis told Borgman he could be saved.

"Just know that Christ can save you from that lifestyle," Davis said.

"Yea, I like a*s, I'm not going to be saved by anything," Borgman said. "I'd f**k Christ in the a*s, OK? He's hot."

"Well, Seattle has proven itself not to be tolerant," Davis said off-camera as they walked out of the shop.

The viral interaction came to light as the debate over who a business owner can or should be able to deny service to has heated up. The Supreme Court will soon hear the case of a Colorado baker who would not bake a cake for a same-sex couple's wedding.

The baker, Jack Phillips, says he does not create wedding cakes for same-sex couples because it would violate his religious beliefs. Phillips has said that while he would sell an off the shelf cake for such a wedding, he would not put his unique artistic skills toward such a purpose.

Watch the full exchange between Borgman and the group below. Please be advised it contains graphic language.