Chris Matthews: All Trump Does Is ‘B**ch’ About Obama, Who Criticized Bush Because He ‘lnherited Crapola’

• April 19, 2017 10:14 am


MSNBC host Chris Matthews used profane language on air Wednesday to describe President Donald Trump's criticism of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

Matthews began the segment by suggesting that Trump has a "tick" or "disease" for consistently criticizing Obama.

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters agreed with Matthews, adding that Trump has the same problem with Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent in the 2016 election.

"Right, it's same thing with Hillary too. The grievance list that Trump has and the grudges that he holds makes the Clintons look magnanimous. He holds grudge after grudge after grudge, but it think it's more than that," Peters said, before getting cut off.

"Well, what's this bitch, bitch. He's supposed to be a positive, ‘Make America Great' guy, and it's all this whining about the job he took," Matthews said. "Hey look, he knew Obama was the last president. He knew he was coming in after Obama, who was actually quite successful, and now he blames it all on the conditions of the job."

The Atlantic's Molly Ball agreed with Matthews and Peters, but defended Trump by pointing out that Obama during his presidency resorted to criticizing his predecessor, former President George W. Bush.

"It's still early days. You know Republicans would always make fun of Obama for still blaming the Bush administration for Iraq and the state of the economy years after he took office," Ball said.

Matthews dismissed Ball's argument by saying that Obama had the right to criticize Bush because he "inherited crapola."

Ball later came to the defense of Bush by pointing out that he did not criticize Obama when he left the White House, compared to Obama, who has criticized Trump multiple times since he took office in January.

"Self-defense. Who threw the first stone? Trump or Obama?" Matthews asked.

"The point is that Obama has come out of the woodwork repeatedly or he's been asked, but he has weighed in on things that Trump has done and so I think Trump feels he's justified," Ball said.

"No, I don't think so," Matthews concluded.