Chicago Reporter: ‘Shrill Hillary Clinton’ Kept Her Voice Down During Springfield Speech

• July 14, 2016 8:17 am


Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in Springfield, Illinois on Wednesday and one Chicago reporter pointed out Clinton's tone was different from her normal "shrill" one.

"The shrill Hillary Clinton did not make the trip even while criticizing Donald Trump whom she called dangerous," reporter Charles Thomas said. "She kept her voice under control as she bemoaned the state of Abraham Lincoln's Republican Party."

Clinton famously accused former primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) of sexism last year when he said she was shouting her message.

Clinton gave her speech in front of a carefully selected audience in Illinois' old statehouse where Lincoln gave his famous "house divided" speech against slavery. Clinton's focus was on police bias against the African-American community but also praised the police in Dallas, Texas for their quick actions to protect protestors when shots were fired last week.

"Recent events have left people across America asking hard questions about whether we are still a house divided," Clinton said.

One supporter in attendance said that Clinton's tone was appropriate for the somber week that the country has had. Another said that nothing could change his mind on Clinton and that she was just another "tax and spend" Democrat.

After Clinton gave her muted speech, she attended a high-dollar fundraiser at the multi-million dollar home of Chicago Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts. Clinton left the fundraiser after 90 minutes.

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