Brzezinski: 'My Little Meltdowns' Are 'Always Right'

May 9, 2017

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski admitted Tuesday to having "meltdowns" on her show "Morning Joe," but claimed all of them, including her latest, contained accurate claims.

"I know my little meltdowns make y'all laugh," Brzezinski said before turning to stare and point at the camera. "They're always right."

She then suggested the Trump administration lies so much that the falsehoods will come back to haunt it.

The "Morning Joe" panel was discussing the White House's response to the controversy surrounding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates said Monday in congressional testimony that she warned the Trump White House about concerns she had that Russia could blackmail Flynn. The Trump administration did not fire Flynn until 18 days after Yates issued her warning.

"Every lie chips away at this presidency," Brzezinski said.

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius wondered what Trump was thinking after Yates' warning, and Brzezinski suggested Trump intended to "lie."

"What was Trump thinking?" Ignatius asked.

"Well, lie after lie after lie is what he was thinking," Brzezinski responded.

Brzezinski attacked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, claiming that he lied and had trouble speaking because he was "so uncomfortable with himself."

"Every untruth that Sean Spicer brings to the table, stuttering and bumbling because he's so uncomfortable with himself," Brzezinski said before claiming that she was "always right."

"I'm always right when I–I'm telling you right now, these guys are going to find themselves literally fumbling on their own lies to the point where it brings them down," Brzezinski warned. "And it's going to start with the press secretary, but it's going to end up on the president's desk. There's too many lies."

Brzezinski has previously questioned President Donald Trump's mental stability, suggested he was trying to create a dictatorship, and assigned responsibility to the media to "control" what people think.