Brown Refuses to Answer Question on Whether Menendez Should Step Down if Convicted of Corruption

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio) on Monday night refused to say whether his Democratic colleague, Sen. Robert Menendez (N.J.), should resign from office if he is convicted of corruption charges.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked Brown whether he believed that Menendez should resign if he is found guilty in his current trial for corruption and bribery.

"Well, I think that he will appeal if he's convicted and I don't really want to do what-ifs about him, because I don't know what this jury is going to do," Brown said.

"I'll be very willing to answer it after he's either exonerated or convicted, and we can have that discussion," Brown added.

Brown is not the first Democrat to dodge a question about whether Menendez should resign from the Senate if convicted of corruption. Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez and Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin (Ill.) and Chris Van Hollen (Md.) refused to answer questions about Menendez during their interviews on Sunday.

Sen. Bernie Sanders  (I., Vt.) said last month that it was "premature" for him to say whether Menendez should resign if convicted.