Brazile on Emerging Democratic Party Leaders: ‘I Have a List of About 52 of Them’

• December 18, 2017 3:35 pm


Former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile said Monday that she has a list of "about 52" Democrats who she sees emerging as leaders in the wake of the party's loss in the 2016 presidential election.

Bloomberg host David Westin prompted Brazile's comment by saying he was struggling to identify clear Democratic leaders. He further compared the Democratic Party of today to the party after the 1988 election.

"After the 1988 defeat, we would be talking about the leadership of the Democratic Party and have a pretty good idea. By that point you had DLC going, you had Gore, you had Clinton. They were emerging," Westin said of the party's emerging leaders and the Democratic Leadership Council, an organization that encouraged Democrats to win back white middle-class voters.

"Who is emerging now in the Democrats?" Westin continued. "I can't find them. Where am I not looking?"

"I have a list of about 52 of them," Brazile responded.

She said some of those emerging leaders are in the U.S. Senate while others are current state governors, but she doesn't "have a candidate."

Brazile then went beyond praising the current Democratic bench, expressing hope for the party's future and "new faces."

"This is our moment and we have to seize it. We need fresh blood, new energy, new faces because there are a lot of seats that are going to be up for grabs next year," Brazile said.

The former DNC head expects a lot of Republicans to retire and is encouraging her students to run for office.

"I tell my students—why you? Because there's no one better. Why now? Because tomorrow is not soon enough. We need you know," Brazile said.

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