Boston Globe Publishes Pulitzer-Worthy Story on Mitt Romney Going Waterskiing

Mitt Romney / Getty

The Boston Globe set heads scratching Tuesday after the newspaper published a story on former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's whereabouts during the Senate health care vote.

The former Massachusetts governor is now a private citizen removed from the debate to repeal and replace Obamacare. But the Globe wrote a story highlighting Romney's daughter-in-law's Instagram post showing he was jetskiing at the time.

@mittromney showing the grandkids how it's done

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"While the Senate debated health care, Mitt Romney was waterskiing," read the original headline, which was later updated to read, "Romney, long out of the political fray, takes to the water."

"It's been a contentious week in Washington," the Globe wrote. "One Republican who appears to be unbothered by all the political tumult? That would be Mitt Romney."

The piece, which appeared to criticized Romney for ignoring a debate that had nothing to do with him, earned Internet scorn.