Bloomberg Poll Has Hillary Clinton Losing Support In Democrat Primaries

June 25, 2015

A new Bloomberg poll has Hillary Clinton losing support in Democrat primaries.

In New Hampshire and Iowa, two early Democrat primary states, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D., Vt.) has gained support while Clinton has lost support.  The poll shows Clinton lost seven percent in Iowa and six percent in New Hampshire.  Clinton still maintains a double-digit lead over Sanders.

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin said Sanders could be a potential headache for the Clinton campaign.

"Bernie Sanders is still a long way from threatening to beat her in the nomination but in these two states, polled Iowa and New Hampshire simultaneously, he is now within 25 points of her, and he may not beat her but he can create a lot of trouble for her," Halperin said. "He can extend the nomination fight. He can pull her further to the left."

Clinton has moved politically left on a lot of issues from gay marriage to trade policy since her fail 2008 campaign.

"What’s interesting about these polls is in these two states where obviously the voters are paying the most-close attention, he is a lot closer nationally," Halperin said. "And on things like willingness to fight Wall Street he's doing better than her in voters' view. And the people say they're voting for him not because of a protest but because they like him. The Clinton people can laugh off the poll and say we’re way ahead. If on a primary night, caucus night, he got a quarter of the vote, that would be trouble for her."