Bill Clinton Doesn’t Know Bruce Braley’s Name

"Master Campaign Strategist" former President Clinton couldn't even bother to learn the candidate's name whom he was stumping for Sunday.

Democrat Bruce Braley is in a dogfight with Republican Joni Ernst for the retiring Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin's (D.) seat. It was Harkin's final steak fry, which was the reason the Big Dog and HRC made their trip to the Hawkeye State for the first time since Hillary flamed out in the state six years ago.

When Bubba brought his speech down the closing stretch, no one updated him on Braley's name.

"You know what you ought to do to honor the Harkin legacy, and that is to elect Bruce Bailey, a new governor, and all these congressional candidates. Thank you and God bless you all," Clinton said.

We'll see if the First Lady will make the same mistake when she has her turn to stump for Braley.

Braley is edging out Ernst by a single point in a RCP poll.