Bill Clinton Asked State Dept for Permission for a Paid Speech at NIAC Gala

During the time that Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, her husband Bill Clinton sought permission from the State Department to accept a paid speech at the National Iranian American Council gala.

In the email, the former president’s aide said, "Would USG have any concerns about WJC doing a paid speech for National Iranian American Council (‘NIAC’)? We have been approached by the National Iranian American Council (‘NIAC’) for President Clinton to speak at a fundraising gala they are putting on."

Jake Sullivan, one of Clinton’s aides during summer 2012, met in secret with Iranian diplomats in Iran and helped set the stage for the now highly debated Iranian nuclear deal. While the meetings ended without any progress, in the following months then-Secretary Clinton and the president publicly agreed that Iran could continue to enrich small amounts of uranium.

Sullivan also provided President Obama the phone number for the president of Iran to begin the long process of the nuclear deal.

Fox News obtained the email from conservative activist David Bossie, who is suing the State Department for emails relevant to Bill Clinton’s speaking requests.

Previously, Bossie uncovered from the emails that Bill Clinton had received speaking requests on the controversial topics of North Korea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo but did not take the speeches.

Ed Henry received a statement from the former president’s office that said that he was not specifically asking permission to give the speeches.

"As we’ve said before, as a matter of course, all requests were run by the State Department. And most importantly, ultimately, the president did not give this speech," Henry said.