Bartiromo Blasts Christine Pelosi, Calls Her Rude for Continuing to Speak Over Her

December 16, 2016

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo slammed Christine Pelosi, daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), during an interview Friday morning by calling her actions "rude" for continuously interrupting.

"Christine, listen to me, the interview is about to be over," Bartiromo said early in the interview. "It's so rude to be talking on top of someone else."

Bartiromo pointed out to Pelosi that if they talk over each other, then the audience could not figure out what either of them were saying.

"Let's not talk on top of each other, Christine, the audience doesn't–," she said. "Christine! Wohooo! Christine! Hello?"

Pelosi did not stop talking. As Pelosi continued to talk about Russia, Bartiromo successfully jumped in.

"Listen, let's not talk on top of each other. Let's not talk on top of each other, Christine, OK? The audience doesn't know what you're saying or what I'm saying if we talk on top of each other," Bartiromo said.

"How much of this is sour grapes on your side's part?" she asked.

Pelosi, a Democrat, is a member of the Electoral College from California pushing for electors to get an intelligence briefing on Russian interference in the 2016 election before they cast their votes next week.

Pelosi answered the question and the two discussed why so many different types of people came out to vote for President-elect Donald Trump instead of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

When Bartiromo tried to get another question in, Pelosi continued to talk.

That's when Bartiromo fired back.

"Christine, you're killing me," she said. "This interview is about to be over and you're not going to have done anything out on television. It's so rude to talk on top of somebody else. And you're just–you know what you're doing? You're giving the finger to the audience. That's what you're doing. You're basically saying I don't care about the audience. That's what you're saying right now."

Pelosi continued to talk over Bartiromo.

"That's what you said to the voters as well," Bartiromo continued. "By talking over someone else when they're trying to make a point you're basically saying, 'I don't care about the viewers, I don't care about the voters, I just want to hear myself and the other person have an argument.' I'm asking you not to talk on top of me when I'm talking, and I won't do that to you so our audience would actually be able to get something out of this interview."

Pelosi apologized, saying she could not hear her due to the connection.

"I apologize if I did not hear you start talking in the time difference from me not being in the studio as I was answering your question," Pelosi said.

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