At Least Six Major Clinton Campaign Staffers Worked As Registered Lobbyists

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton / AP

Six major players working Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign have at some point worked as registered lobbyists, Mother Jones reported.

One of those individuals is Clinton's campaign chairman and longtime ally John Podesta, who worked as White House chief of staff during Bill Clinton's administration before embarking on a career as a lobbyist.

Podesta started the liberal think tank Center for American Progress for which he did lobbying work as a policy advocate. He also co-founded lobbying firm the Podesta Group with his brother, Tony, for which he did lobbying work for clients such as eBay, the American Insurance Association, and the Agency for Nuclear Projects.

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Several of Podesta's Clinton campaign colleagues have also had careers as lobbyists, including Jose Villarreal, the campaign's treasurer, Charlie Baker III, the chief administrative officer, Jennifer Palmieri, the communications director, Jeffery Berman, a consultant on tracking delegates, and Erik Balsbaugh, a grassroots organizer in Massachusetts.

Their clients ranged from Boeing to AT&T to Citizens Bank, among other major corporations. 

Clinton's presidential campaign is also accepting contributions from lobbyists and political action committees. During her 2008 campaign, Clinton raised $2 million from registered lobbyists and $1.4 million from political action committees.

At least 22 registered lobbyists served as bundlers for Clinton during her first bid for the White House.