Anita Dunn: Hillary Could be Vulnerable on Economic, National Security Issues

Former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said that Hillary Clinton's campaign could be vulnerable on the economic and national security fronts–the "two big areas from 2008."

Bloomberg host John Heilemann asked Dunn what angle she would take if she were advising a Democratic candidate in the 2016 primaries.

"Clearly there is a progressive economic wing of the Democratic Party. It's a really strong, interesting message, and that's where people will look to see if she is vulnerable," Dunn said. "And, of course, the other place will be national security right now."

Heilemann also asked Dunn to compare the 2016 primaries those of 2000 election, when former Sen. Bill Bradley (D., N.J.) challenged then-Vice President Al Gore for the Democratic nomination.

"This would be a much tougher primary race than the one we were looking at in 1999," Dunn said. "I know that seems unlikely. But the reality is that Hillary Clinton since 2008 has really deepened her hold on the Democratic electorate."