Anita Dunn

Biden Campaign Boasts Wealth of Experience Flacking for Creeps

Former vice president Joe Biden, despite being interviewed by several major media outlets, has yet to publicly address the allegations of a former Senate staffer, Tara Reade, who claims he sexually assaulted her in 1993. That doesn't mean Biden's campaign hasn't been working hard to manage the crisis like a well-oiled public relations firm.

Biden Adviser Speaks to Disgraced Halperin for Book

Anita Dunn one of more than 75 Democratic strategists to speak with Halperin

Among the dozens of Democratic strategists who spoke to disgraced journalist Mark Halperin for his new book is Anita Dunn, an adviser to Joe Biden's campaign and former Barack Obama flack.

Former Obama Advisers Cash In

New consulting firms, corporate gigs for the former administration and campaign operatives

From the first lady's former communications director now the vice president of Siemens corporate affairs, to individual consulting deals for Obama campaign operatives like Stephanie Cutter and David Plouffe, there is a new generation of "Obama millionaires."


In honor of President Barack Obama’s “disgraceful” display of sexism yesterday, the Washington Free Beacon has complied a list of the top moments in the president’s ongoing war on women.

Email Casts Doubt on SKDK Claims

The Washington Free Beacon reported today on a document that was being circulated to hedge funds as part of a larger proposal to rehabilitate the industry’s image in the wake of sustained attacks by the Obama administration, Democrats in Congress, and Occupy Wall Street, among others. The document was put together by the public relations firm McClean/Clark LLC, but included prominent Republican and Democratic consultants from an array of firms, including SKDKnickerbocker. The document listed SKDK as the lead consultants on the “paid media” component of the PR campaign, alongside a picture and bio of Anita Dunn, an SKDK managing director and former Obama White House communications director.