Radio Jockey: ‘I’m Gonna Pour Round-Up on Breitbart’s Grave’

Compares conservative provocateur to Kim Jong-il, terrorists

• March 6, 2012 11:53 am


A liberal Wisconsin radio jockey celebrated the death of conservative pundit Andrew Breitbart Friday, comparing the recently deceased Breitbart to a terrorist, a dictator, and a Confederate soldier.

In a Friday podcast titled "Andrew Breibart: DEAD (thankfully)," John "Sly" Sylvester, a liberal talk-show host on Madison radio station WTDY, "paid tribute" to Breitbart, who died Thursday morning, by saying he was glad Breitbart was dead and would pour weed-killer on his grave.

I’m just tired of people faking that they are sad when people are dead. I want to say something, and make it real clear … I will never urinate on his grave. I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave and I’ll tell you why I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave. I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave so there’s no chance that he ever comes back to life!  And I can kill him like the weed that he was.

I’m glad he’s dead! There are very few people I can say that about. This guy, absolutely! I don’t have the slightest bit compunction of saying "good." The world is a better place today. Can you think of the last time you’ve been this happy that someone is dead? You want to make a comparison? I was thinking of Anwar al-Awlaki.

Sylvester went on to say Breitbart’s death was "kinda similar to Kim Jung-il."

"Did Andrew Breitbart have starvation camps?" Sylvester said. "No. But Andrew Breitbart is working on the forces of evil pushing for starvation camps."

Sylvester also said he was "as sad about his death as I would be for Confederate soldiers."

The comments were first reported by Media Trackers, a conservative Wisconsin news outlet.

"It is deeply disturbing that Sly Sylvester would use his position as a prominent progressive talk show host to engage in such hateful rhetoric," said Media Trackers communication director Brian Sikma. "It is never appropriate to compare individuals who disagree with us politically to terrorists and murderous dictators."

Sly Sylvester has taken the podcast off his site, but Media Trackers took a screenshot:

Sly Sylvester and WTDY did not return requests for comment.

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