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Weiss: ‘I Want a Little Bit More Realism, Less Rah-Rah’ on President’s Islamic State Strategy

Daily Beast senior editor Michael Weiss gave a critical response to President Obama's Sunday evening speech on combating the Islamic State (IS). Weiss said that the terror group would laugh at Obama over his self-congratulatory speech.

"I heard in the president's speech self-congratulation and cheerleading. We will destroy ISIL. We will defeat this death cult as he called it," Weiss said, referring to the group by another acronym.

In the week prior to Obama's gaffe that the Islamic State was contained, the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a report saying that the terrorist group was not contained and that there were only a few tactical victories on the battlefield but strategically IS has the advantage.

Weiss pointed out that United States forces are coming back to the military bases with not having dropped 75 percent of their payload.

The Daily Beast reported that the White House had ordered intelligence assessment found the same information. The assessment also predicted that IS would continue to grow worldwide and increase its numbers unless it the barbaric group faced a serious blow to its territory in both Syria and Iraq.

"ISIS' threat, with respect to these new attacks, the president spoke as if this is an evolving thing, self-radicalization," Weiss said.

Weiss said that the terrorist attacks in Paris were not just gun attacks, as the president makes it seem, but were coordinated attacks that came out of Baghdad.

Weiss said that he wished the president would admit that he had mislabeled the terrorist group well after he knew what IS and al-Qaeda were doing.

Weiss also said that the president has to have his head in the clouds if he really thinks that the current strategy is working. He called for more straight talk when it came to discussing IS.

"I would like a little more realism and a little less ‘rah-rah, we're doing great,’" Weiss said.