MSNBC Anchor: Gitmo Detainees Have Committed 'No Crimes'

November 13, 2013

Alex Wagner questioned why the United States is holding inmates at Guantanamo Bay who have committed "no crimes" Wednesday on MSNBC:

ALEX WAGNER: I just think there's some other part of reality, which is we cannot and should not as Americans be jailing people indefinitely who have committed no crimes. That is not what this country stands for.

Wagner's contention is perplexing, considering most liberals believeĀ terrorism should be treated as a crime as opposed to an act of war.

Of the 603 detainees released from Guantanamo, officials have confirmed 100 have returned to terrorist activities, The Weekly Standard reports:

An unclassified version of a September report from the Director of National Intelligence reveals that another five former Guantanamo Bay detainees have either been confirmed as reengaging in terrorism or are suspected of doing so. The report comes just as a judge in Algeria has approved parole of two detainees recently transferred to Algerian custody from the Cuba-based detention facility.

Of the 603 former detainees tracked by US intelligence services, a total of 100 have now been confirmed as reengaging in "terrorism" or "insurgent" activities, while another 74 are suspected of reengaging. This brings the total rate of recidivism to nearly 29 percent, up from 28 percent as of the last report six months ago.

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