Todd: Poll on U.S. Economy ‘Screams Stagnation’

'People are starting to just accept it, and that's what so depressing about it'

• September 13, 2013 8:18 am


A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showing a majority of Americans think the economy will stay the same or worsen over the next year "screams stagnation," NBC political director Chuck Todd said on Morning Joe Friday.

The report found there also seems to be a relative lack of confidence that those in the poor or working class will rise into the middle class.

"People are starting to just accept it, and that's what so depressing about it," Todd said. "They don't even think there's optimism about moving up the economic ladder, and that gets right at the heart of the American dream."

The poll showed increased dissatisfaction with President Obama's handling of the economy:

Americans also remain deeply pessimistic about the state of the economy. Just 27 percent think the economy will get better in the next year, while almost half of the country – 48 percent – thinks it will be about the same, the lowest since July of last year.

Despite months of slowly improving economic data, a majority – 52 percent – disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy, his worst rating since August of 2012.

Part of this is likely because of the disconnect between Wall Street and the job market. Recovery in the job market has happened at a much slower pace than the gains on Wall Street.

Republicans led Democrats, 33-29, on the question of which party was better on the economy, and held a 35-22 lead on dealing with the federal deficit.