Mayor Obama of Amity Island

President Obama's increasingly unpopular response to terrorism threats facing the United States has put his foreign policy flaws of arrogance, obstinance, and weakness on display. It calls to mind another flailing executive facing a threat to his homeland: Larry Vaughn from "Jaws."

Unfortunately, the most valid comparison is the corny-clothes-wearing Mayor of Amity Island who continually dismisses the idea of closing his summer beaches in the face of a great white shark terrorizing the waters. Obama's counterterrorism tone and actions are eerily similar.

In the face of proof a great white shark has killed some of Amity's citizens, Vaughn sneers at an expert that he probably just wants to "get into National Geographic" with his fear-mongering about sharks. Obama snapped at reporters in Turkey three days after the Paris terrorist attack by the Islamic State that "folks want to pop off" about his administration without really knowing what's going on.

Vaughn ignores advice from a shark expert and will not listen to evidence that a predatory great white is responsible for the violent deaths. It sounds suspiciously like Obama's steadfast refusal to call the threat facing the U.S. what it is: radical Islamic terrorism.

Vaughn also will not believe his ears when the expert cannot produce a tooth proving it is a great white shark. Obama, as is his habit, said at the same press conference in Turkey that he'd love to meet people with better advisers than his Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Blinded by his greed for the town, Vaughn focuses his attention on the police catching vandals defacing a billboard promoting the beach. Similarly, Obama has put his emphasis on gun control and unconstitutional calls for preventing people on the "no-fly list" from buying weapons. Obama also called Republican rhetoric about Syrian refugees a "recruiting tool" for ISIS.

Right before another shark attack during a crowded beach day, Vaughn falsely tells a local TV station that local fishermen captured the shark responsible when in reality the killer animal is still at large. The week of the Paris terrorist attack by ISIS that killed 130 people, Obama declared the group to be "contained." Before the San Bernardino, California shooting by two radical Muslims who were inspired by ISIS, Obama said there was no credible intelligence of any attack on the homeland.

In that same TV interview, Vaughn brags about the people on the beach "having a wonderful time" under his leadership. Obama, trolling Donald Trump, remarked earlier this year that "America is great right now."

In one of the last images we see of Vaughn in Jaws, he's nervously smoking a cigarette after another attack.