Rogers: 'Some Disagreement' Between Morell's Prior Testimony and CIA Libya Station Chief

House Intel Committee Chair previews tomorrow's Benghazi hearing

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R., Mich.) previewed tomorrow's hearing with former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell Tuesday on The O'Reilly Factor.

Rogers said the reason for the hearing is to resolve "some disagreement" between what Morell previously told the committee and what the station chief reported with respect to whether there were any protests in Benghazi prior to the 2012 attack:

BILL O’REILLY: So you interviewed the station chief in Libya, the CIA station chief whose identity is kept secret for his own protection. But it looks like the Deputy CIA director Morell who you will question tomorrow is at odds at with what his own station chief was saying. Is that true?

MIKE ROGERS: Obviously there is some disagreement between what Mr. Morell has told the committee in the past and what the station chief has said on the ground. And what's so frustrating about this is Bill we interviewed viewed nine people that were on the ground that day. Not one of them said that this was a protest or they had heard anything about some video. So, just the sheer volume of evidence mounting to say hey, nobody there at least in Libya, was believing that this was in fact, sponsored by a protest. In fact - just let me tell you one thin on the ground that is really important. One of the guys on the ground even said that it was clearly a professional act, meaning that it probably had been cased before because of the activities of the individuals on the compound itself.

Fox News's Catherine Herridge reported Morell's ties to the Hillary Clinton linked group Beacon Global Strategies raise questions as to whether Morell is looking to secure a position in a future Clinton administration.

The hearing is scheduled to start tomorrow at 10 AM EST.

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