Rangel: Unfair to Say Ingram Should Have Known About Targeting

Dem. tax cheat tries to provide cover for IRS official now in charge of Obamacare

Congressionally censured tax cheat Rep. Charles Rangel (D., N.Y.) dodged questions as to whether he believes Sarah Hall Ingram should continue to be in charge of Obamacare enforcement at the IRS Friday on "Squawk Box."

Rangel said it is unfair to suggest that because Ingram was in charge of tax exempt organizations she should have known about the targeting:

JOE KERNEN: So you would be ok with her there, so you would be okay with her staying at the Affordable Care Act office?

CHARLIE RANGEL: I have no idea because I don't know her involvement. And it's unfair to say that because she was in charge that she should have known. I say one thing, we should find out in this Congress and this investigation what did she know, when did she know it and what did she do about it.

Rangel's assessment seems to be in line with the Obama administration's general abdication of accountability throughout the IRS scandal.

President Obama himself has carefully claimed ignorance on the IG report.

Yesterday in a Rose Garden press conference the president declined to say whether he or anyone else in the White House was aware of political targeting at the IRS prior to the Treasury's investigation being leaked to the press.

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