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Ralph Peters on Obama: ‘Most Disastrous Foreign Policy President of My Lifetime’

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said Monday night that President Obama has been the worst foreign policy president of his lifetime.

Peters is 64 years old.

Fox News host Eric Bolling asked Peters about the Iran nuclear deal and what Obama would do to stop President-elect Donald Trump from ending it when he takes office in January.

"President Obama, and speaking without hyperbole, has been the most disastrous foreign policy president of my lifetime or yours, Eric, and now he's not thinking this through," Peters said.

"He's so desperate, so fervently crazed to preserve this inept nuke deal with Iran, that again he's not thinking it through," Peters continued. "He's trying to box Trump in."

Peters went on to say that Obama's poor policies with Iran will leave Trump no other option down the road than to use military force. He believes Obama is wasting the peaceful options that the United States once had to effectively deal with Iran.

"Military option is all Obama is leaving the next president, and with the Iranians running wild across the Middle East, destructive in every country–Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen, and elsewhere, in Lebanon, in Gaza–we have no options left but to pull triggers, and that's sad," Peters said. "What a legacy."

He added that it is too late to reinstitute sanctions on Iran in order to apply non-military pressure.