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Palestinian Baby Named for ‘Hero’ Terrorist who Stabbed Two People to Death

Child named hours after terrorist stabbed two-year-old, others

Israeli police stand by body of Muhannad Halabi
Israeli police stand by body of Muhannad Halabi / AP

A Palestinian baby was named in honor of terrorist Muhannad Halabi hours after he stabbed two Israeli men to death and injured a woman and her two-year-old child in a knife attack in Jerusalem.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, the naming was chronicled in official Palestinian news agencies WAFA and Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, and both sources described the terrorist as a "hero of our people" who was "murdered by the occupation army."

Halabi killed Nehemiah Lavi and Aaron Bennett in a knife attack in Jerusalem’s Old City on Oct. 3 as they went to pray at the Western Wall. The terrorist also stabbed Bennett’s wife and wounded their two-year-old son. Israeli police shot and killed Halabi after the attack.

The news article, published in both Palestinian sources on Tuesday, lauded Halabi as "the Martyr."

"The parents of the baby decided to name their new son Muhannad Halabi after the Martyr Halabi from the village of El-Bireh, who was murdered by the occupation’s army in occupied Jerusalem," the article read. "The mother of the baby cried from joy at the birth of her baby, who eternalized the name of the hero among the heroes of our eternal people."

The article also noted that the terrorist’s mother was present at the baby’s hospital birth at the request of the new mother. The mother of the terrorist reportedly "cried from joy at the birth of the baby that will eternalize the name of her son the Martyr."

In advance of the attack Saturday, Halabi wrote in a Facebook post Friday night that "the third intifada has begun."

"I do not think the people will accept humiliation," he wrote, referring to tensions between Muslim worshipers and the Israeli police and Jewish visitors at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Old City. "The people will rise up; indeed, we are rising up."