U.S. Still Several Years Away From Standing Up Space Force

Parker Solar Probe

The United States is likely several years away from standing up an independent military service dedicated to war fighting in space despite the Trump administration’s recent call for the creation of a “Space Force” by 2020, according to retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula of the Mitchell Institute.

Trump to Sanction Iranian Ship Identified in Facilitating Terror Strikes

Rebel-held Red Sea port of Hodeida

The Trump administration will take action against an Iranian ship that has been stationed at a key choke point in the Red Sea for months and is believed to be providing significant military aid to terrorist forces in Yemen, according to U.S. officials and military experts familiar with the situation.

Iran Test-Fired Anti-Ship Missile During Drills Last Week

Iran flags

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Iran test-fired a short-range anti-ship missile in the Strait of Hormuz during naval drills last week that Washington believes were aimed at sending a message as the United States reimposes sanctions on Tehran, a U.S. official said on Friday.