Nick Cave: Israel Boycotts ‘Cowardly and Shameful’

Recording artist/composer Nick Cave

Musician Nick Cave, an international rock and roll superstar known for his uncompromising lyrical compositions, called boycotts of Israel “cowardly and shameful” in a letter sent to fellow singer Brian Eno, who recently endorsed the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

Trump Admin. Declares War on Russian, Chinese, Iranian Propaganda

propaganda Facebook social media

The State Department has launched a new effort to counter propaganda and disinformation campaigns launched across the globe by a host of rogue nations, including Russia, China, and Iran, according to senior U.S. officials who briefed the Washington Free Beacon on the new undertaking, which they say will put the United States “on the offense” against these countries.

Six Israelis Wounded in Palestinian Shooting Attack


JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A Palestinian opened fire on Sunday at a group of Israelis standing at a bus stop near a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, wounding six of them, Israeli officials said.

Iranian Forces in Yemen Demand Arms Smuggling Routes Be Opened

Swedish Foreign minister Margot Wallstrom and UN special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths

Iranian-backed forces in Yemen are demanding the reopening of the country’s international airport, a stumbling block in tense negotiations taking place this week between warring factions in Sweden, according to U.S officials and Western sources on the ground who told the Washington Free Beacon this demand by Iran’s Houthi rebels would allow Tehran to continue importing weapons and militants in an area of the Middle East that leaves Israel vulnerable to attack.

Operation Northern Shield: A Notch in Israel’s Belt

Israeli soldiers gathering by an army vehicle across the concrete Lebanon-Israel border wall near the site of an Israeli excavation site

Operation Northern Shield is a victory for Israel. In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Dec. 4, Israel’s military thwarted a Hezbollah plan to attack the country through tunnels. Israel revealed the first tunnel that day. It has since found two others. The Israel Defense Forces estimate there are 10 such tunnels.