Occupy Occupied by Minority Occupiers

A left-wing minority group is criticizing the Occupy movement for its disturbing lack of diversity. According to Breitbart:

A survey arranged by the Occupiers last October found that they were 81% white and 1.6% black (vs. 77% and 13% in the general population). And no one would argue that the Occupy movement is calm or focused. They certainly seem to believe "their nation" has been taken from them by Wall Street one percent. And yet the NAACP hasn't written anything about the Occupy movement. …

Two weeks ago, 19 individuals, many anonymous, co-authored a letter to the Occupy movement, which they accused of being a "straight-white-man approach to movement building":

"Some of us participated in the formation of Occupy People of Color and Queer People of Color groups in order to hold space, or find refuge when encountered with incidents of racism, sexism, or homophobia. The simple fact that our groups served this purpose shows that OWS spaces prioritized the wants, needs, values, and culture of heterosexual white men first. Frankly, many of us have encountered this straight-white-man approach to movement-building too many times to count. In fact, many of the same characters that have attempted to dominate movements in our communities in the past are the same people who lead OWS from the light and shadows."