‘Obamacare Navigators’ May Not Be Receiving Sufficient Training to Explain Law

• September 10, 2013 4:16 pm


As the push to hire Obamacare navigators ramps up, questions are surfacing about the training the navigators receive to explain the healthcare law, NBC KETK reports.

Additionally, the temporary Obamacare workers will have access to sensitive information such as social security numbers and income, raising privacy concerns:

Insurance agents KETK spoke to say it's going to be a mess. Hiring people to help Texans enroll in health insurance known as navigators.

Health insurance will be required for all Americans by January 1st or else they'll be penalized.

Starting October 1st, Texans will get the opportunity to enroll for health insurance or change policies.

The government felt the right thing to do is distribute grants to organizations to
train people for 20-30 hours to do a job of a health insurance agent.

Jana McJunkins for Ark Assurance says, it's not a sufficient amount of training.

"For the knowledge the person is going to need in order to need to sufficiently describe and explain what these new plans are going to entail," says Jana McJunkins, Insurance Agent at Ark Assurance.

It's reported anyone can be a navigator and hiring navigators raises many concerns, the biggest concern is privacy

They will have access to your private information, your social security number, income and birthdate.

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