Obama Campaign Fundraiser Re-nominated for Ambassadorship After DUI Arrest

Timothy Broas

President Barack Obama re-nominated Timothy Broas to be the next ambassador to the Netherlands on Thursday. Broas was nominated last year, but he withdrew himself from consideration following a DUI arrest, USA Today reports.

Broas, a defense attorney specializing in white-collar crime cases, raised at least $700,000 for the president's two presidential campaigns. He was nominated for the post last year and went through a confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The White House abruptly announced the withdrawal of his nomination days after Broas was charged with speeding and drunken driving in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. He pleaded guilty to driving while impaired, according to online records from the Montgomery County (Md.) Court and his attorney in the case, Paul Kemp. Broas received a small fine.

The conviction was set aside and will not appear on Broas' record, Kemp said.