Obama Admin Calls for ‘Six Words for the Planet’

The EPA. Wasting your tax dollars.

The Environmental Protection Agency is asking denizens of Planet Earth to submit six-word essays about said planet for a taxpayer-funded project aiming to "celebrate the environment."

As promoted on the EPA’s blog earlier this month, the "Six Words for the Planet" project is accepting submissions from "citizens of any country, living anywhere." Submissions that meet the list of requirements (e.g. no "hatred") will be posted on the EPA’s website and shared via the agency’s social media channels.

EPA staff member Jessica Orquina, who authored a post announcing the project’s launch, offered a number of examples written by herself and her colleagues:

Here are my Six Words for the Planet:

Many nations. One planet. Our home.

Here are six-word essays about the environment written by my fellow EPA employees:

Healthier families, cleaner communities, stronger America.
Lisa P Jackson, EPA Administrator

Breathe; A moment in nature. Breathe!

Our only. Our one. Home planet.

It is not known how much money has been allocated for the project, which the EPA is running in conjunction with SMITH Magazine.

The EPA did not immediately return a request for comment on the use of taxpayer dollars to fund the project.

Six word version: Request for comment. Was not returned.