MSNBC Calls Out 'Misguided Thinking' by Clinton on Iraq

Meet the Press host David Gregory called out "misguided thinking" by former President Bill Clinton Friday on Andrea Mitchell Reports with regard to recent comments he made about the Iraq War and peace in the Middle East.

Clinton had made pointed remarks about former Vice President Dick Cheney, calling it "unseemly" to criticize the Obama administration for the "mess he made."

"I interviewed Tony Blair recently, the British prime minister, who said of this kind of thinking, basically, that we've got to stop this," Gregory said. "The notion that just because of the invasion that none of these things would have happened, that you would not have seen al Qaeda on the march or jihadism flaring throughout the region is simply misguided thinking."

Clinton failed to acknowledge his own wife, then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, voted in favor of the war in 2003.

"She did vote for the war authorization," host Andrea Mitchell said. "That's why many regard she lost the primary fight to Barack Obama."

Gregory also pointed out Clinton identified a potential nuclear threat from Iraq during his administration.

"He certainly knew of the intelligence that a lot of the world shared at the time that led the Bush team to act," Gregory said.