McCaul: ‘Very Difficult For Me To Believe’ Boston Terrorists Received No Training

Homeland Security Chair: Communication from Russia warned Tamerlan left U.S. to join underground extremist groups

• April 24, 2013 3:18 pm


Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security Michael McCaul (R., Texas) reacted incredulously to the suggestion that there is no foreign connection to the terrorist activities of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev Wednesday on "America Live."

McCaul emphasized the FBI investigation is still in its early stages and given the sophistication of the explosives used in the attack it is "very premature" to rule out a connection to foreign terrorist organizations:

MICHAEL MCCAUL: […] but there are so many questions, you know, the device itself, I have to tell you, I just found out that it was detonated by a transmitter used by a toy car. This is a very sophisticated explosive device handled in a very professional battlefield way. And the idea that these two, young, you know, did not get any training is very difficult for me to believe. And then finally, the idea of people coming out in the media and these U.S. intelligence officials saying there is no foreign connection when the fact is the FBI has just started their investigation into this. It's very premature for them to be saying there is no foreign connection. We don't have all the evidence before us.



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