London Mayor Says He Won’t Respond to Donald Trump Jr. by Responding to Donald Trump Jr.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan / Getty Images
• March 23, 2017 1:05 pm


London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Thursday on CNN he would not respond to Donald Trump Jr., who criticized Khan after Wednesday's terror attack near British Parliament, but appeared to do just that.

Three people were killed and dozens more injured on Wednesday when a man took his car and ran over pedestrians before ramming his vehicle into the gates of British Parliament in London. The suspect also stabbed one police officer before being shot by police.

The Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for the attack but offered no proof of its involvement.

CNN host Christiane Amanpour asked Khan if he had any response to Trump's criticism.

"I'm not going to respond to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr.; I've been doing more important things over the past 24 hours," Khan said. He added that terrorists will not frighten London or other democratic communities they target.

Khan's response came after Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of U.S. President Donald Trump, tweeted an old article from September about Khan's comments after the bombing in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.

Khan said at the time that terror attacks are "part and parcel" of living in a major city and that residents should stay vigilant.

On Thursday, Khan told CNN that London was returning to normal and the residents would not allow terrorists to destroy their way of life.

"We've got a situation where Parliament is returning to normal today; City Hall is returning to normal today; tourists are returning to London today; business are returning to normal today–just the things that the terrorists hate," Khan said. "I'm not going to allow terrorists to divide London, to destroy our way of life. We haven't in the past, not currently, not in the future."

Khan was elected in May 2016 and is the first Muslim to be mayor of a major Western capital.

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