Liberals on MSNBC Panel Trash Senate Dems' CIA Report

December 12, 2014

Morning Joe regulars Donny Deutsch and former Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D., Tenn.) weighed in Friday on the recent CIA report, which has been harshly criticized as a strictly partisan report.

'I'm a liberal on this show. I have no problem with it," Deutsch said.  'To be honest with you, these are terrorists. We're trying to protect ourselves. You got to do what you got to do."

'I don't know if I’m turning into a right-winger in my old age. We are not privy to a lot what's going on in the world. I wonder how many people who lost friends and family -- if we had done some of this earlier maybe we could have saved them," Deutsche said. 'If you said to me tomorrow, it's a gray area but maybe doing this would save my children or my friend's children, I go yes."

Ford also expressed his dismay, saying 'I don’t think many people appreciate the context shortly after this attack, the mood, the fervor, the appetite in Washington and around the country for Washington to do something."

Host Joe Scarborough was particularly disappointed with how CIA employees have been treated.

'The men and women of the CIA did what they were asked," Scarborough said. 'And this is how Diane Feinstein repays them."