Kucinich Blasts IRS Leadership: ‘The Tone Is Set from the Top’

Former Ohio Rep.: How could this not be political targeting?

Former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D.) blasted the IRS for allegations the agency has politically targeted Tea Party organizations Sunday on FNC.

Kucinich said the revelation is intolerable and threatens to exacerbate a hyper partisan atmosphere in Washington, furthering already entrenched political polarization in the United States.

The former Ohio representative also rejected the notion that only mid level managers in the IRS were responsible, stating "the tone is set from the top":

CHRIS WALLACE: Do you believe the IRS statements by that mid level manager so far, and that's the only thing we've really seen, that this was just a bureaucratic foul-up by a bunch of people in the tax exempt — you know, the organization's apply for tax exempt status in Cincinnati, that this this didn't go up any higher?

DENNIS KUCINICH: The tone is set from the top. That's a from problem we have to look at here. The tone that sets. We are in a hyper partisan, intentionally partisan condition in Washington that the polarization is damaging to our country and we're seeing another symptom of it here.

CHRIS WALLACE: So you think this was political targeting?

DENNIS KUCINICH: How could it not be?