Kristol: ‘If You Depend on the Arab League, We’ll End Up With Libya’

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said he doubts that a coalition of Arab League forces–now considered the likely "boots on the ground" needed to combat ISIL–will be sufficient in eliminating the terrorist army expanding its control across Iraq and Syria.

"I have no problem with having some Arab troops there," Kristol said. "If you depend on the Arab League, we'll end up with Libya."

Kristol pointed out the failure of the Obama administration's "leading from behind" strategy in Libya and the chaos it created there: "We've now ended up with jihadist groups controlling parts of Libya."

"If you're going to intervene, you have to intervene seriously," Kristol told MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. Kristol also stressed the need to maintain a stabilizing troop presence after intervening against ISIL to avoid repeating the fiasco in Libya.