Kredo: White House Might Let Iran Retain Part of Its Uranium Enrichment Program

• December 17, 2013 10:30 am


Washington Free Beacon reporter Adam Kredo discussed the growing possibility that the United States would allow Tehran to partially keep its uranium enrichment program as part of a final deal with Tehran in a segment on Tuesday.

Speaking with Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland on DefCon3, Kredo discussed his talks with the White House about what it was willing to give up in the Iranian negotiations.

"They told me they are exploring opportunities, ways to allow Iran to have at least some sort of domestic enrichment program," Kredo said. "Just how far  [Iran] could go with enrichment remains unclear, but the fact remains that they are exploring possibilities for Iran to continue at least a piece of its program, and that's upset a lot of lawmakers on Capitol Hill because that really hasn't been the U.S. negotiating policy."

Kredo said there is a possibility that the series of P5+1 talks with Tehran will eventually lead to a final deal, but he cautioned that initial points decided in November have not been implemented yet:

"The deal has not begun – that means that Iran is not required to halt its enrichment program until we actually hash out the final details of this deal, so it’s a really a deal to talk about having a deal, if you want to put it that way," he said.

He added the Iranians could drag out negotiations, predicting, "we could see this talks go on for quite bit."

This week, Iran is continuing to pressure the European Union and the U.S. to suspend some sanctions against Tehran as a part of the initial agreement.

"Now when the Iranians see we’re not serious about enforcing or that we’re hesitating the ‘sanction’s wall’… it begins to crumble and we’re in a position where we have to plug up holes … when the global market starts to go back into the Iranian market," Kredo said.

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