Kredo: Hypocritical for Companies to Take Stand Against Trump But Not Iran

• August 29, 2017 10:11 pm


Washington Free Beacon reporter Adam Kredo said Tuesday that it's fair to level accusations of hypocrisy against companies doing business in Iran that pulled out of President Donald Trump's CEO Council.

Kredo appeared on "Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler" to discuss companies operating in Iran while attacking the Trump White House.

"Who exactly are they comfortable doing business with?" Wheeler asked.

"They're comfortable doing business with Iran, the leading and foremost state sponsor of terrorism, a regime that is anti-Semitic, anti-western," Kredo said.

Kredo went on to describe why doing business with Iran is such an issue.

"Currently, as they're doing business we have this nation building ballistic missiles, harassing our soldiers in the Persian Gulf," Kredo said. "And, essentially running operations in conjunction with the terror group Hezbollah in Syria, that are directly targetting U.S. forces. And these companies all have business ties there and continue to explore ways to do business in Iran."

Wheeler listed three of the companies, Boening, Caterpillar, and GE, that denounced hate because of Trump's response to the Charlottesville white supremacist rally while operating in Iran. She asked if there's hypocrisy there.

"The Iranian regime is one that hangs gay people from cranes, beats and imprisons and tortures its own people who dissent with the regime. Spews hatred toward Israel, tries to kill Jews everywhere they live," Kredo said. "Has sponsored terror attacks that have killed U.S. soldiers, have killed American civilians, Israel civilians, and continues to push forward on its nuclear work. This is a regime that covets nuclear weapons not just so it can rule the region but so—as they preach constantly—they can destroy the West and kill and wipe Israel off the map."

Kredo noted that the companies Wheeler listed refused to sign a pledge against doing business with Iran for the mentioned reasons.

"These companies have been mum on that but were very quick in their rush to condemn Donald Trump and their rush to distance themselves from the White House. So I do think it is fair to level accusations of hypocrisy against these companies," he said.